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Chief Investment Officer

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Thank you for visiting our website at Jones Investment Group.  Let me tell you a little about how Jones Investment Group was founded. 

I’ve spent a good portion of my career helping people.  After serving 23 years in the United States Army, my vision was to continue serving my country by ensuring that our active duty military, veteran families and civil servants were given every opportunity to prepare for their transition and second retirement.

My story starts as a young Private in the US Army where I was blessed to have great coaches, mentors and leaders.  In 1983, one of my leaders pulled me aside and talked to me about the importance of starting an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  I listened, followed his advice, and was blessed that the IRA did well.  Fast forward to 1988; I returned from a deployment in Panama and received a big TDY check.  One of my platoon leaders learned that I had an IRA and handed me a “Money Magazine” and encouraged me to start looking at mutual funds.  Here is where my interest began to grow.  I used my TDY check to begin dabbling in a new hobby: mutual funds and stocks. 

While deployed during the first Gulf War, I was reading the money magazines and many other financial publications.  My fellow soldiers and friends laughed at me but, many of them are my clients today. 

As I began transitioning out of the Military as a Command Sergeant Major, my hobby of mutual funds and stocks began to form a larger picture for my future.  My life was changed because I listened, but more importantly, my leaders paused, listened to me, and coached me. 

In 2001, I founded Jones Investment Group, with my vision to continue to serve my country.  I model my business career like my Army career.  Educate, Coach, Mentor and Advocate is monumental to success.  

I am truly blessed to be able to pay it forward by assisting so many veterans and their families with their financial needs.  My biggest reward is continuing to serve by giving back not only to our Veterans but also to my community, civil servants, federal employees, and so many more. 

Thank you again for visiting our website.  I look forward to working with you, hearing your story, and learning about your retirement goals.


Merle Jones