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Retirement Income & Annuities

Lock in Retirement Income Early

With pensions increasingly a thing of the past, most Americans now need to build their own streams of income for a more secure retirement.  The success of your individual retirement income plan will rely on some key factors:

  • Will the income last your entire lifetime?
  • Will you trust your plan through years of unknown market volatility?
  • Will your spouse or family be taken care of?

This is where adding an annuity to your portfolio can help.  This type of contract purchased from a life insurance company is designed with Long-Term Retirement Goals in mind.  With tax-deferred savings and gains, an annuity can establish a guaranteed level of income no matter what happens in the market.  In addition, annuities can help reduce the risk of outliving your current retirement income plan and give you options to leave a legacy for your spouse and family. 

Note: All guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Discussing your retirement can be stressful, but you don't have to go it alone!

Get Started with your Annuities Conversation

At Jones Investment Group, we care about your retirement concerns.  This is why we put together a checklist that covers key questions and concepts to help you prepare for a more productive conversation with your financial advisor.

Retirement Income Checklist

We believe the first step in developing a successful income plan for retirement is understanding your options.  At Jones Investment Group, we are ready to share more than 30 years of combined knowledge and experience with you.  

Preserve Your Income

Preserve Your Income

Keep living the life you love with a Guaranteed Lifetime Income.

Save For Retirement

Save For Retirement

Let us show you the impact of protecting and potentially growing your retirement savings.

Leave A Legacy

Leave A Legacy

Let us show you some options for taking care of your loved ones. 

Leave nothing to chance - We can help discover the pros and cons of purchasing an annuity.

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