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Get Started With Your Annuity Conversation

Buying an annuity is a serious matter and one that should be done with care to ensure your financial future.  Here are a few reasons to begin your Retirement Income Conversation.

What are my retirement goals?

Retirement is your reward for decades of hard work—and part of that work is making sure you’ll have enough money for the kind of retirement you want. If you are looking for an additional source of guaranteed income or a product that is designed to help you accumulate assets on a tax-deferred basis, annuities may be an option worth exploring.

Does an annuity fit your retirement goals?

Retirement income can come from a number of financial sources; some guaranteed, some not. Annuities are an option for people who want to build up the guaranteed income portion of their retirement portfolio.

Will you need income before retirement?

If you are considering an annuity, it’s essential to have a separate source of liquid assets set aside for emergencies.  Annuities are intended as retirement accounts and taking distributions before reaching age 59 ½ can trigger early-withdrawal penalties.

Which type of annuity is best for you?

Annuities come in many different “flavors” – each of which is designed to help you achieve specific financial goals. They can work to build retirement savings, supplement Social Security, pensions, VA Disability, and other forms of retirement funding. 

Is leaving a legacy more important than guaranteed income?

You many want to consider passing a legacy on to your loved ones.  Some annuities have minimum guaranteed death benefits which the beneficiary will receive directly from the insurance carrier.  You'll have several options available for your beneficiaries.  Learn more about how to optimize inheritances in a tax-efficient manner.  

Note: All guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

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